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Carleton talks acute injury treatment with acupuncture!

Today we have another mini interview with Carleton about how acupuncture can help if you get hurt! For example- a sprained ankle, a tweak in your back from yard work or heavy lifting, a sports injury or a motor vehicle accident.
So, Carleton- What do you recommend for someone who has a recent injury? Of course, start with first aid: things like taking the pressure off the joint, raising the joint and applying ice to alleviate swelling and inflammation are all great places to start. I’d say that if it is a minor injury, just try to get an appointment with me as soon as possible, and feel free to call for a last minute appointment, we can often get you in on the same day even if the schedule looks full. If the injury is more major, check in with your primary care doctor first and then come to acupuncture during the healing phase. 
How does acupuncture help with acute injury? Well, acupuncture is great at speeding up the healing process and decreasing the pain you’re in right away. Needling the acupuncture points helps direct the body to send those cells that help with healing right to the location they are needed, which decreases swelling and inflammation and helps the recovery go faster. 

What does the treatment plan look like for acute injury?
That depends on the severity, for something like a pulled muscle or “tweak” from overdoing it on the weekend, we can often get you all fixed up in one to two visits. For a more serious ankle sprain, acupuncture treatments can shorten the recovery time by 25% according to a study done in China, though it may still take a few weeks to get you back to feeling completely normal.


If you or someone you know has an acute injury, try Alpine Acupuncture right here in Issaquah, we treat kids, teens, adults and elders!

Carleton talks Acupuncture for Kids and Teens

Acupuncture for Kids and Teens

We have been seeing a lot of young patients at Alpine Acupuncture these days, which is WONDERFUL! Carleton has three kids of his own (from elementary to high school age) and is a very active and involved dad. He also coaches skiing on the weekends and has a great rapport with babies (our youngest patient was just a few days old and was treated with craniosacral for feeding issues), kids and teens. We thought we’d let everyone know a little bit more about kids and acupuncture. The “patients” in these photos are our kids, the top photo is Carleton treating our oldest son for torticollis (stiff neck) years ago and the bottom one is our youngest getting a treatment for the horrible headache he got with the flu this year!

Kids and teens are the PERFECT candidates for acupuncture because most parents and coaches don’t like kids to be on strong medicines and pain killers if they can help it. Their young bodies adapt quickly and they heal rapidly with a little helping hand from natural medicine. Some of the kids who are seeing us lately have issues like allergies, migraines, sports injuries and other types of pain. Most kids say they feel the needles just a bit, if at all, and the relief they get can help get them back to being the busy, happy kids they are! Grab a stuffed animal to bring along, Carleton has advanced training in stuffed animal acupuncture 🙂 Feel free to give us a call or ask about acupuncture for kids during your appointment!

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