How to Stay Healthy As Winter Changes to Spring

Right now in our larger community there is a lot of fear. We think it is important to remember that we all already know how to prevent the spread of disease. It may feel like these simple steps- washing hands, covering coughs, wiping surfaces and staying home when ill are not enough when confronted with the onslaught of information from all sides. But it is enough! You are doing great, keep up all the healthy habits you already know. Here are a few tips (below) from a Chinese Medical perspective on staying healthy, and we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

For most people, the change of seasons from winter to spring is something to look forward to. But it also means a time when people tend to get sick or seasonal allergies start to flare up. This can make things miserable for a lot of people. As the weather fluctuates between freezing cold and warmer, sunnier days, it also wreaks havoc on our immune system and our sleep. Frequently, our bodies can’t keep up with the constant changes and we get physically run down. But there are some things everybody can do to help during the time of transition from one season to the next. continue reading »

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Working from home? We have great daytime appointment options for you!

If you are working from home in the next few weeks, we have some great options for daytime appointments. And if you are still on the daily grind and commute, Carleton is keeping his evening hours ready for you after work.


Of course, if you are feeling sick, please stay home- but if you are feeling well- now is a great time to have some acupuncture to work on any aches and pains (carpal tunnel from typing? sore neck from teleconferencing?) that have been bothering you, hormonal issues that make you uncomfortable or moody or of course those super pesky seasonal allergies that make you feel self conscious when you sneeze!

Look online for a spot next week or give Alpine Acupuncture a call on Monday!
Stay calm and wash hands!

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Food Color and Nutrition

In Chinese medical theory, food is considered medicine. Food has qualities and functions biochemically and energetically that target specific organs. Not only that, but the action a particular food takes to benefit that organ in terms of taste, color and temperature is what is included in Five Element theory. Food has a relationship to both the natural elements as well as the organs in the body and balances the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood to healthy, generating cycles. continue reading »

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Moxibustion and Dysmenorrhea

A study conducted by Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has determined that the use of moxibustion at specific days during a woman’s menstrual cycle can decrease pain associated with menstruation. Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation is a big problem for many women. This study used moxibustion, an accessory modality of TCM, to treat the pain associated with menstruation. The study and its systematic review showed moxibustion treatments were more effective at relieving pain only when the moxibustion began prior to the onset of actual menstruation. This is also the theory behind Traditional Chinese Medicine, that it should be used as preventive care. The efficacy of using moxibustion during the premenstrual time period holds great promise for those who are debilitated by dysmenorrhea. continue reading »

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Acupuncture for Boosting Your Circulation

Healthy blood circulation is a vital component of life for human beings. Without proper blood flow, life would cease to exist. Blood isn’t the only thing that’s important, it’s what the blood is carrying that makes circulation so important. Blood carries fresh oxygen, hormones and nutrients that we absorb from our food. Without these components, the organs and tissues of the body become depleted, weakened and eventually stop functioning. Any blockages in the veins and arteries can deprive the brain and the rest of the body from the needed oxygen, which can then lead to a plethora of other medical issues. continue reading »

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