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Curing Pill is back in stock in Issaquah

If you recognize these little boxes, you will be happy to know we finally have PLENTY (a whole castle!)  We’ve been waiting almost two years to restock the clinic shelves with this special order Curing Pill that so many of you know and love. Curing pill is a lovely traditional Chinese Medicine remedy that is as essential part of every natural first aid kit. It is used for stomach and digestive complaints such as overeating, having too much heavy food, food poisoning and lots of other common issues. Each red box ($5.50) comes with ten tiny sealed vials inside and each vial has one serving of tiny pills (like the size of a rice grain) for an adult, so they are easy to put in your purse/glove box/first aid kit for everyday use and for travel. It can be used for kids with tummy aches too, mixed into applesauce or yogurt if they can’t swallow pills yet. If you need to restock, let us know at your next appointment or give us a call and we will set some aside for you.

And as always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Stay healthy- With love from Alpine Acupuncture


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