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We are open- here are updates and a small business highlight!

Carleton continues to see patients who are feeling healthy on Monday-Thursday with slightly modified hours so he can join us at home for dinner a few nights a week. With our hospitals and medical facilities being potentially overwhelmed during this crisis, acupuncture treatment for non infectious illness can help ease the burden and is allowed by the new state regulations.

Below is a list of steps that we have taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to promote the health and well-being of our patients.

1. We ask that if you are feeling sick that you do not keep your appointment!
2. Carleton may start wearing a fabric mask daily in accordance with the new recommendations from the CDC (pending) and you are welcome to do that as well- please choose a reusable/fabric one to free up the disposable ones for our front line health care workers.
3. We are disinfecting all tables, chairs, doors, counter tops and credit card machines multiple times per day.
4. We are washing our hands during and in between patient visits.
5. We are propping our front door open during business hours to decrease common touch contacts.
6. We are asking all patients to wash their hands before entering the office.
7. We are having patients go right into their treatment room top minimize waiting room contact (please try to arrive right on time rather than early- normally we love to chat in the waiting room but these are special times!).
8. If you are higher risk and need an appointment slot when other patients will not be in the clinic to reduce your exposure, please call and request that, we are happy to help. We are already spacing out ALL appointments to minimize contact.

We believe that with these action steps we can play a vital role in helping our patients to continue to improve their health while simultaneously preventing the spread of COVID-19.
We are here and ready to serve you and our community.

If you are quarantining at home, we support you! Please consider using this time to write us a review on Facebook, Google or Yelp or passing our information to a friend.

Consider supporting one local business each day by making an online purchase or writing a review or “liking” them on your favorite social media. We can get through this together. (see our local business highlight below)
Stay healthy- With love from Alpine Acupuncture

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One of our favorite local small businesses is Experience Tea in downtown Issaquah (every day you’ll see Carleton is drinking a cup of her famous tea- his favorite is Puget Gold).

We called Roberta (her business phone is: (206) 406-9838 ) yesterday to see how business was going and she said she missed meeting her customers face to face in the gorgeous store but that she was still doing drive by orders as well as mail orders from her website- here is a link to the quarantine comfort kits she has made up, and all of her products ARE listed on the website for the same prices in the store-

We hope you find some tea you love (self care)! Let’s keep our favorite shops open!

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