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What a week and hours update!

First of all, we hope all of our patients are warm and safe and have had plenty of good food and good books over the past few weeks. This winter has been challenging and magical in equal measure! Wow!

For all of you who made it in for appointments- thank you! And a small request- once life returns to semi normal in the next few weeks, take a moment to think about your favorite small businesses in Issaquah and our surrounding areas and try to visit them if you can. All small businesses suffer during storms and large weather events and this one was particularly hard on them, because even if the business was able to open, patients and customers couldn’t necessarily get in.

So, when you can safely be out and about- buy a cup of coffee from a locally owned shop, stop in to a mom and pop owned restaurant, and/or book an appointment with your favorite chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist 🙂 If you don’t need coffee or a treatment right now, we (and all the small businesses in our area) would love it if you could send a friend in, write a review or just talk to people you know about how much you love your favorite spots. Small favors like these can keep businesses thriving even when the unexpected strikes. Thank you!

HOURS: We are open next week February 20-22 (Wednesday thru Friday) 10-7, Carleton has already planned to take Monday and Tuesday for President’s day off to visit with out of town family 🙂 We would love to see you later that week to share stories of the winter wonderland!

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