Holiday schedule 2020 for Alpine Acupuncture

We will be open on Monday and Tuesday (December 21 and 22) on the week of Christmas and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (December 28, 29 and 30) of New Year’s week with a regular clinic weekly schedule resuming on the week of January 4th, 2021.

Enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season!
Alpine Acupuncture

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Like many of you, there will be less faces around the table today at our house as we limit the size of our gathering to keep everyone safe, but our hearts are probably more full than they have ever been. Most folks don’t think of independent health clinics like ours as a small business in the same way they may think of a local restaurant or bookshop, but many of us ARE small family owned micro-businesses built from the ground up, and started years ago with a dream of helping people.

For us, as well as SO many others, this year has been the most challenging time we have ever faced while running our clinic for the past 13 years (that not-so-little guy with glasses was a tiny baby when we opened). As he has always been- Carleton is the “face” and heart of the clinic. This year, Dr. Katja Magus is at home supervising remote learning and managing the office and handling the phone. Now that they are older, our kids all help run Alpine Acupuncture behind the scenes. We have help with ironing, laundry, shredding, mailing, stamping and all of them join us in deep cleaning the office regularly, it truly is a family affair.

Thanks to each of you, we are still here at the end (almost!) of 2020, the craziest year ever. We are grateful for you every time we see you in the clinic, every time you write a review for us, or “like” a Facebook post or mention us to your friends or book an appointment for a family member. In each moment, you are making a difference for our family and helping to ensure that we will be here to help you for many years to come.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Eat pie, snuggle up close and make new memories!

The Magus Family

It’s that time of year (for checking insurance)

It’s that time of year when many of us are renewing or choosing new health insurance plans. First- make sure your new plan covers acupuncture, if you need help finding a plan, we have a great referral for you. Even if you aren’t switching plans, you may be at the point where you’ve met your deductible and you may have acupuncture visits left to use. Now is a great time to book out your remaining visits for the year, to ensure that you can get a time slot that works for you. We anticipate our clinic being VERY busy during these last few weeks of 2020 since there was so much disruption to normal business and routine visits earlier in the year. Please call us today or schedule those visits online in the next few days to make sure you are feeling great when the new year rolls around!
We can’t wait to see you! – The team at Alpine Acupuncture

We are open for business!

We have carefully reviewed the new restrictions put in place for Washington state and at this time we will continue to be OPEN to see healthy patients as we have been for the last few months, with all of our additional COVID safety measures (see below) in place. If your plans have changed or you are sheltering at home, we understand, and we ask that you give the customary 24 hrs advance notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment. If you have any questions about that or anything else, feel free to give us a call on the office line: 425-391-7777
Stay well!
-Alpine Acupuncture

Curing Pill is back in stock in Issaquah

If you recognize these little boxes, you will be happy to know we finally have PLENTY (a whole castle!)  We’ve been waiting almost two years to restock the clinic shelves with this special order Curing Pill that so many of you know and love. Curing pill is a lovely traditional Chinese Medicine remedy that is as essential part of every natural first aid kit. It is used for stomach and digestive complaints such as overeating, having too much heavy food, food poisoning and lots of other common issues. Each red box ($5.50) comes with ten tiny sealed vials inside and each vial has one serving of tiny pills (like the size of a rice grain) for an adult, so they are easy to put in your purse/glove box/first aid kit for everyday use and for travel. It can be used for kids with tummy aches too, mixed into applesauce or yogurt if they can’t swallow pills yet. If you need to restock, let us know at your next appointment or give us a call and we will set some aside for you.

And as always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Stay healthy- With love from Alpine Acupuncture


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