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Headaches, Anxiety, and Stress

“Caring, highly effective treatment I was new to acupuncture, and was hoping it would help with headaches, anxiety and stress. I was also nervous — needles and non-mainstream medicine, yikes! I asked around for recommendations and was pointed to Carleton at Alpine. It was an excellent decision. In the hope that this will help others new to acupuncture, I’ll describe my experience in detail. The office is comfortable, in a quiet medical building convenient to I-90. Carleton will talk with your insurance company to figure out what they’ll cover. Then at your first visit, he spends a significant amount of time on the intake process, to really understand your health status and what you’re looking for. He precedes each treatment with a short discussion about what’s going on that day and what you’d like the session to accomplish. He takes careful notes to track what works or doesn’t; he does extra research as needed. And he’s very good at explaining what he’s doing and why. And wow, do the sessions work! The first time, I had a sinus headache. The treatment first moved the headache to a different spot. When I told Carleton, he inserted needles into a different spot and the headache vanished. Quite an intro for a somewhat skeptical newbie! Ongoing sessions have been equally productive. He even worked briefly with my 12-year-old, who was scared stiff about acupuncture. He explained the process to her in a very low-key, gentle way, letting her know that the choice was hers and that she could decide whether to accept some discomfort in search of relief. She tried it. Though she ultimately decided it was too uncomfortable (it often is for kids), Carleton’s approach left her feeling more confident about her ability to try new things and be brave when she needed to. I can’t speak highly enough about Carleton, in terms of his skills and his bedside (tableside?) manner. ”

– Elizabeth H. (headaches, anxiety, and stress)

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