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Additional Testimonials:

Headaches, Anxiety, and Stress

“Caring, highly effective treatment I was new to acupuncture, and was hoping it would help with headaches, anxiety and stress. I was also nervous — needles and non-mainstream medicine, yikes! I asked around for recommendations and was pointed to Carleton at Alpine. It was an excellent decision. In the hope that this will help others new to acupuncture, I’ll describe

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Pain, Stress

“To Better Health! Coming from a person that passes out at the sight of a needle when trying to donate blood, don’t be afraid of trying acupuncture! We live in Bellevue but make the drive to Issaquah for Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medical treatments because Carlton is good at what he does. My most recent patient experience has involved a combination

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Dysmenorrhea, Stress

“Carleton’s treatments are more than relaxing, they are soothing. I don’t feel I have to tell him were the problems are, he can sense them. The treatments really helped with my asthma even though it was not my main complaint.”
M.P., age 24 (dysmenorrhea, stress)

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