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Making resolutions that work!

If you’ve been reading headlines like “New Year, New You!” then you need to read this! 
It is the time of year when we get inspired to make big changes, alter our habits, commit to a healthy routine and finally get a handle on everything we need to get a handle on! But why, oh why, after so many years on this planet have we not quite got it all figured out yet? Believe it or not, there is a right way to enact lasting change and it is SO easy!

Start with something small and actionable (this means that you can make it happen). At this point, baby steps are the right choice:  if you surpass your goal, you can make a new one in March or June. Here’s an example (see more with the photos below)- “I will move my body every day” is a great and easy to accomplish goal that is simple to build on throughout the year. For example, if your goal seems too easy a few weeks in, you can alter it to “I will move my body 20 minutes every day”. Every affirmation or resolution that you make should be posted physically in a location you see every day, like on your bathroom mirror (chalk markers or post it notes!) and you should say it out loud to increase its effectiveness.

If you feel like you need more help getting the year off to a great start, Dr. Katja Magus specializes in lifestyle transformation- helping you make the changes you need to feel healthy and happy in the New Year.

Check out our affirmation and resolution examples (with photos!) below 🙂

“I will eat more vegetables” is a much more effective affirmation or resolution than “I will give up sugar”- which conjures up all sorts of deprivation and sadness….who wants to “give up” stuff anyway?

” I will move my body every day” is a great resolution that is easy to accomplish…much more effective than saying “I will lose this flab”….body positive messages always WIN!


“I am going to start the year pain free” is an example of an awesome affirmation that we wholly approve of. See you soon!

Add 12 YEARS to your life! And a Special Offer!

Hi there, Dr. Katja Magus here! I’m taking over your regularly scheduled acupuncture newsletter to talk about some AMAZING headlines in the news this week (read on for a rare special offer)!

Did you see headlines on Facebook or Google this week, like this one from the Guardian: “The five habits that can add more than a decade to your life”?  I did and I was so excited! All of the habits studied in this article are things ANYONE can do, and I happen to specialize in LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION– which fits this research exactly!

5 Habits that can add a DECADE to your life!

Here’s the scoop:

Upon realizing that Americans have a lower life expectancy than residents of almost all other high income countries, researchers from Harvard University studied a huge group of volunteers- over 120,000 individuals for almost 35 years, to determine which lifestyle factors could lengthen life span. They determined that these 5 factors are present in individuals who live longer and feel better throughout their lives:

  1. Exercise 30min/day
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Never smoked
  4. Healthy weight
  5. Drink in moderation

I know, I know, you’ve seen this list before, and it is so easy to do these things, right? If you are like most people, the answer is NOPE! Sometimes it seems like the simplest steps we need to take, are the hardest ones! I’m a Naturopathic Physician and if you have ever visited an ND, you know that the first two years of our training is very similar to an MD, studying anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and so much more! The next two years of our doctoral program focus on how to treat patients using natural medicines, conventional drugs and lifestyle changes. My personal speciality is Lifestyle Transformation- which in easy terms, means helping you make those changes that seem SO simple, but really aren’t. You choose which of the above factors YOU want to work on (or PICK ALL 5!) and  I will be right there with you each step of the way, helping with a plan that works for you and fits into your life.

For the FIRST FIVE people who schedule after reading this email (ready, set, go) a First Office Visit with me will be $140 (Regularly $200- that’s 30% off)- which is exactly the same price as a first office visit to acupuncture. You will have a WHOLE HOUR with a doctor to discuss how we can help you lengthen your life span and feel great today! Together we will develop on ongoing plan that helps you meet those goals.

Click the red button to schedule now or call us at 425-391-7777. Feel free to share this offer with friends (there’s button for that below too!)

See you next week!

Summer Solstice

During the summer solstice your yang energy reaches its peak. It is important to harness the peak of this yang energy, because as summer shifts into fall yang energy will decline. This great abundance of yang energy will translate throughout your body because during this season you are active and growing.

According to five element theory, during the summer the organ that receives extra energy is the heart. When the seasons change so do the organs we should focus on in the body. You should focus on the heart during summer. Feed the heart heart-nourishing foods and make sure to remain active so the heart receives positive energy. continue reading »

Heart Afire: The Fire Element

The organs in Chinese medicine are more than just a physical representation. The organs include not only their physiological function, but also their mental, emotional, spiritual and elemental qualities that align with nature and the seasons. Let’s explore the heart.

The heart season is summer, and heart is considered the most yang: hot, bountiful and abundant. Yang is what is bright, moving, outward, hot and loud. Yin is what is more inward, still, dark and cooler. The color of the heart is associated with red, the climate is heat, the flavor is bitter and it’s paired organ is the small intestine (many urinary issues are due to “heart fire” heat descending). The sense aligned with heart is the tongue, and the vessels associated with heart are the tissues. The heart sound is laughing, and the emotion is joy. The heart houses what is known as the shen, which is the mind and spirit. continue reading »

Fighting Flu Season with Acupuncture

While the flu is actually not a season, we have become programmed to think of it as the months of November through March. On average, the flu hospitalizes thousands every year, especially the young and elderly. There are also a number of deaths related to the flu, mostly due to people already having compromised immune systems.

The flu, also known as influenza, is a highly contagious respiratory infection that is caused by a number of viruses. To date, there are approximately 26 to 30 different known strains of the flu virus. This is one of the reasons the flu vaccine has only mild efficacy. The flu vaccine itself, typically only covers five to seven strains of the flu.  Symptoms of the flu include fever, coughing, a sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches, pains, runny nose and watery eyes. continue reading »

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